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A Clear Strategy to Maximize Long-Term Value for All Shareholders


At its upcoming election, Texas Pacific Land Trust’s shareholders will have the opportunity to elect a new Trustee to guide the strategy of Texas Pacific Land Trust (NYSE: TPL). This is a fundamentally important decision that affects the future of Shareholders’ investments. We urge all shareholders to read the resources on this site and vote FOR retired four-star General Donald “Don” G. Cook using the BLUE proxy card.

TPL’s Trustees and management have led the Trust through a period of expansive growth and have been prudent stewards of its capital and core assets for more than a century. As a result of thoughtful and shareholder-focused management of the Trust, TPL’s shareholders are benefitting from unparalleled returns. With drilling in the Permian Basin having accelerated in recent years, we have strategically positioned the Trust’s extensive land assets to maximize benefit from these favorable market conditions.

This proven strategy is now at risk.  A dissident group is waging a proxy contest to advance a nomination that risks derailing TPL’s progress and jeopardizing the future long-term value. The Trust has serious concerns with the dissident nominee’s judgement and intentions and has repeatedly suggested to the dissident group to find a mutually acceptable candidate for election as trustee.  The dissident group has declined any such compromise and has instead decided to go ahead with the costly and distracting proxy contest.  We are counting on the support of our shareholders to vote FOR General Cook.  Vote here today FOR General Cook to support TPL’s strategy for long-term value creation that has yielded tremendous results for shareholders for over 130 years.


“This election is critical to the future of the Trust, and it’s important that all our shareholders make their voices heard.”

— Texas Pacific Land Trust Chief Executive Officer Tyler Glover